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  • Client: Sesc Bertioga


    In 2024, Sesc Bertioga launches Oficinas de Criação, a space that has four studios — Textile Art, Ceramics, Woodworking and Mixed Technique — and its main objective is to democratize the possibilities of artistic creation. I had the honor of being invited to develop the project’s visual identity; the programming book; and transform the space with an illustrated mural.


    The appreciation of manuality is decisive in the visual narrative of the identity, sometimes represented in the irregular contours of the main typography and illustrations, sometimes by the figure of the hand in the iconographic logo.


    The main idea of ​​the illustrations is to represent different artistic activities in an accessible way so that people feel inspired to try the activities provided by the space. The accentuated proportion of the hands aims to highlight the power of artistic practice present in any person. Anyone who wants can make art.

Visual Identity & Mural Art, 2024